Puff Daddy Swings Kettlebells (at people)

After hearing over and over that hip hopper Rick Ross is a devoted CrossFitter, P. Diddy apparently wanted in on the action and has started swinging kettlebells. This led to him being jailed for assault with a deadly weapon

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Phil is the media wizard behind the brilliant FuncThat. He discovered CrossFit in 2009 and has been hooked ever since. He eagerly awaits the day CrossFit adds weight and age classes to the Games since he's confident he could dominate the 125 pound, 38 year old male division (as long as double unders aren't included). You can follow Phil and FuncThat on pretty much every social media platform ever. Here's a summarized list: Google+, Twitter, Facebook. If you're looking for help setting up your affiliate's site or need a hand with your social media you can contact Phil at psteffek@functhat.com

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