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"While working on FuncThat I noticed quite a few CrossFits limping along with websites which are in desperate need of being updated. It's a huge problem and discourages potential clients from walking in the door and current members from staying connected to the gym using the site."

− Phil Steffek, Founder

"Once a number of gyms had asked me to build new sites for them and were stoked with the results I decided to focus on creating sites specifically designed specifically to build the community within each individual CrossFit gym."

− Phil Steffek, Founder

"Having a dedicated CrossFitter design the site makes it super easy for owners to get what they want without having to explain things to someone who thinks an elliptical is the best way to get in shape ;)"

− Phil Steffek, Founder

Never Pay Again For a Redesign

We will introduce more and more designs into the system which means that in just one click we can give you a fresh new look.

Works on any smartphone or tablet

If your website isn’t mobile responsive, it’s obsolete. Approximately 45% of web traffic is on mobile devices, and growing fast.

Follows Google’s Usability and SEO Guidelines

Google has specific criteria which they apply to a website to measure how user-friendly it is. Your site will NAIL this.

Send Through Your Edits and Updates

Need to make a change? You don’t need to edit your own site if you don’t want – just send through the change and we’ll do it.