CrossFit Games Prize Money Charts

Anyone who’s been even mildly interested in CrossFit over the last few years has noticed the massive growth of the CrossFit Games. Along, with that growth has come a rapidly increasing pool of prize money. I scrounged together some bits and pieces of data on the prize money which has been offered over the last few years to create the charts below. The gap between first and second place for the individuals continues to be the most dramatic, though the Masters winner has definitely gotten a jump on the other competitors…

p.s. Leave a comment if you know where I can find the prize money amounts for 2010 or earlier for any of the gaps in the chart and I’ll update the graphs and be your BFF…

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Five Training Tips Used By The 2013 CrossFit Games Team Champs (and the baseline to find out if you’re good enough to consider using their training)

Rob MacDonald, the GymJones coach who designed the training used by Hack’s Pack (Ute CrossFit) to win the 2012 and 2013 CrossFit Games, just released the training template he created for the 2013 team. Although, the actual programming is behind the Gym Jones pay wall, the article describing the training was filled with info and tips for both the recreational and competitive CrossFit athlete as well as the baseline numbers an athlete is expected to have in order to use this programming. Here are the highlights: Read More

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