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Coaches Who Roll

| Affiliate Owners, CrossFit | No Comments

Yes. Sometimes, I am that guy who rolls around in his desk chair instead of walking.I’m glad to find the coaches at CrossFit ATR roll too. (also the best thing…

Everything. It’s what’s for breakfast.

| Food, Lifting, Mass Gain, Strength, Wendler 5/3/1 | No Comments

Former pro powerlifter and super coach Jim Wendler breaks down he’s new“Monolith” training template to add some serious size and strength. The most startling portion is the meal plan required…

More Sleep And More Fat=Less Fat?

| Food | No Comments

Charles Poliquin puts together another great article for CrossFitters on 10 reasons you’re not losing fat when you think you’re doing everything right. As always, he provides specific remedies for each…

Don’t Get Belted

| CrossFit, CrossFit Games, Olympic Lifting, Strength | No Comments

CrossFit Invictus coaches (you know, the affiliate that came in 1st at last year’s games, and the coaches for Camille LeBlanc and Josh Bridges among others) think wearing a belt while lifting…

Puff Daddy Swings Kettlebells (at people)

| Kettlebell, Newsletter | No Comments

After hearing over and over that hip hopper Rick Ross is a devoted CrossFitter, P. Diddy apparently wanted in on the action and has started swinging kettlebells. This led to…

The CrossFit Murph FAQ

| Benchmark Workouts, CrossFit, Murph, Running, Strategy | No Comments

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the CrossFit workout Murph: Q: Am I allowed to divide up the pull-ups, pushups, and squats or do I have…

Holiday Themed Venn Diagram

| Food, Paleo Diet | No Comments

via ilovecharts   via Tumblr http://psteffek.tumblr.com/post/70908926634

Basically: skip ab workouts for great abs

| CrossFit | No Comments

Basically: skip ab workouts for great abs “Do Sprints and Strength Training Workouts for the Best Abs” http://t.co/ysI1uSUEQw — Phil Steffek (@FuncThat) September 9, 2014 from Twitter http://ift.tt/1sdn4Kg

Meat and Nuts: The Breakfast of Champions?

| Food, Paleo Diet, Twitter | No Comments

Meat and Nuts: The Breakfast of Champions? The illustrious @Supervixen13 lays it out on the Invictus blog http://t.co/lbLbmFHIj3 — Phil Steffek (@FuncThat) September 9, 2014 from Twitter http://ift.tt/1sdn4Kg September 09,…