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The CrossFit Murph FAQ

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the CrossFit workout Murph: Q: Am I allowed to divide up the pull-ups, pushups, and squats or do I have…

Holiday Themed Venn Diagram

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via ilovecharts   via Tumblr http://psteffek.tumblr.com/post/70908926634

Basically: skip ab workouts for great abs

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Basically: skip ab workouts for great abs “Do Sprints and Strength Training Workouts for the Best Abs” http://t.co/ysI1uSUEQw — Phil Steffek (@FuncThat) September 9, 2014 from Twitter http://ift.tt/1sdn4Kg

Meat and Nuts: The Breakfast of Champions?

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Meat and Nuts: The Breakfast of Champions? The illustrious @Supervixen13 lays it out on the Invictus blog http://t.co/lbLbmFHIj3 — Phil Steffek (@FuncThat) September 9, 2014 from Twitter http://ift.tt/1sdn4Kg September 09,…

CrossFit Games Prize Money Charts

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Anyone who’s been even mildly interested in CrossFit over the last few years has noticed the massive growth of the CrossFit Games. Along, with that growth has come a rapidly…

Five Training Tips Used By The 2013 CrossFit Games Team Champs (and the baseline to find out if you’re good enough to consider using their training)

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Rob MacDonald, the GymJones coach who designed the training used by Hack’s Pack (Ute CrossFit) to win the 2012 and 2013 CrossFit Games, just released the training template he created…

Old School? CrossFit Games 2010 Pic 1 of a bunch

| CrossFit Games, Crossfit Games 2010 | No Comments

Digging through some old files on my computer I came across a heap of pics I snapped at the 2010 CrossFit Games. I’ll start digging through them and posting any…

Top CrossFit Christmas Gifts (from $20 to $86)

| CrossFit, CrossFit Games, Gear, Olympic Lifting | 2 Comments

Alright, boys and girls. Are looking for a special gift for that CrossFit fanatic in your life? As usual FuncThat (and Amazon) to the rescue! As of this writing all…


| Affiliate Owners, CrossFit, Half Formed Posts | No Comments

Make no mistake. The community is what makes CrossFit what it is. The key to a successful affiliate is not having the most experienced coaches. It is not having a…