Ten Minutess Till Agile – The Best CrossFit Warmup When You Have No Warmup

By 22 May ’17 CrossFit, Mobility No Comments
The Agile 8 is your new pre-wod warm up (If your coach already has a warm up for you, then this is your pre-warmup, warm up). My old routine was a random mix of movements cobbled together from Mobility WOD and my high school PE class. Usually, thrown together and done as quickly as possible so I could start working out. Most gym’s do something similar. Super coach Joe Defranco crafted the Agile 8 as a ten minute set of exercises that’s easily knocked out before a workout and prepares you for whatever your box is throwing at you. In Joe’s words “the ‘secret’ to its success and longevity lies in the fact that people actually do it. This can hopefully be a lesson to all coaches and trainers regarding the power of simplicity. You can write up the greatest program in the world, but it aint worth sh*t if no one does it!”

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