Weight Vest Roundup

Whether you’re hitting Murph on Memorial Day or looking for a way to improve your Fran time a weight vest is an economical piece of equipment with a huge range of uses. Unfortunately, a poorly made weight vest can make an already difficult workout completely miserable (and potentially leave you with some serious wounds from chaffing straps or armholes.) Being just a bit OCD about these types of things, I did the research for you and rounded up the best reviewed weight vests in all of the interwebs. Take a look and feel free to leave a comment if you personal experience with any of these!


WODmaster 20lb Weight Vest – FringeSport – $79.99

WODmaster 20lb Weight Vest

FringeSport is know for their thoughtfully designed products and very competitive pricing. The WODMaster appears to be no exception. At last check this vest averaged four out of five stars on the FringeSport site. Based on the reviews:


Streamlined design.

Good range of motion while wearing.


Difficulty getting vest tight enough for running workouts.

Fixed weight (cannot add or remove).

You can check out the vest on the FringeSport.com.