CrossFit vs. P90X – According to Google

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Within the realm of functional fitness P90x and CrossFit have both had a major impact in the last few years.  Both camps have vocal adherents who are adamant their regimen is superior.  Solid metrics though are few and far between.  Although popularity is obviously not an indicator of effectiveness (Thighmaster where art thou?) the graph below shows the frequency with which P90X and CrossFit are being searched for on Google.  Both have had a steady increase since 2007 but P90X took decisive lead in late 2008 and hasn’t relented since.  P90X has actually maintained well over double CrossFit’s search volume in the last two years.  Interesting stuff.  This round clearly goes to P90X.

Interested in seeing some other comparisons of CrossFit and P90X?  Check out this link:

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Image courtesy of Kate.Gardiner

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