Paleo Diet Fast Food – Quick Snack

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My main issue with the Paleo Diet  (besides the fact my wife makes the world’s best chocolate chip cookies) is the prep time required for most of it. You might say: “There are plenty of quick recipes!” and I’m sure you’re right but nothing is as quick as grabbing a pop-tart out of the cupboard and wolfing it down. That is until now!

First, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. This snack provides a nice serving of veggies and a whack of good olive based fats to keep you satiated. Here’s what you need: one jar of olive tapenade, available at the local grocery store. Broccoli pieces (just slice off the thicker stems and separate the tops into bite sized pieces). Unscrew lid from tapenade. Dip broccoli in tapenade. Insert in mouth. Marvel at how good it is. That’s it. The jarred tapenade lasts for a month or two in the fridge even after opened. Broccoli is definitely one of the tougher veggies and can easily go over a week in the fridge with no ill effects. Enjoy!

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