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Double Unders - Nicole Hughes

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Of all the movements in the CrossFit world there is only one which I hate to see as part of the WOD: Double Unders.  As such, I devote very little brain power to the double under except while I am doing them (a vicious cycle I’m sure).  On the other end of the double under love-hate spectrum is Dave Newman, creator of Rx Jump Ropes.  Rx Jump Ropes were used in the 2010 CrossFit games by the likes of Jason Khalipa as well as a number of affiliate teams.  Newman has spent countless hours videotaping and experimenting with modifications to athletes’ double under technique.  According to Dave “A big key is good arm position and quick wrists.”  With this in mind Dave provides the following tips for improving your double unders:

1.  Keep your hands down low near your belt-line and just in front of your frontal plane.

2.  Your elbows should stay in close to your sides.

3.  Use “supple wrist action.”  That is, keep your wrists loose and use them to move your rope, don’t use your arms.

Mental Cue: Imagine you are wearing glow stick bracelets and jumping rope at night.  You would want to see small, quick little circles streaks down by your sides.

Bonus Tip: Couple the arm position tips with nice, relaxed, tall bounding off the balls of your feet and you’re well on your way to excellent double unders.

Go, pick up your rope, and put these suggestions to use while they’re still fresh in your mind.  Let us know how it works out!

Need a new rope? Questions for Dave Newman?  Check out Rx Jump Ropes.
Sweet double under picture provided by Nicole Hughes.
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