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Just started browsing the “Simple Iron Truth” blog.  I found this gem from “Audrey O Cooper”.

“It’s tough, then it gets tougher, then you get tougher.”


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Iron is a reminder. It’s a brutal communicator unrepentantly translating for gravity a series of facts and simple truths relating to our strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately humbling us – putting us back in our place as animals.
Iron doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t care what kind of day you’ve had, the color of your skin, your age, how much money you make, nothing. It is what it is: apathetic and simple, like a feral animal abiding by simple truth.
An animal doesn’t care about you when it hunts you. You carry its meal on your bones and there is no negotiation. There is no stopping mid-stride to turn around and reason with it. You can’t talk it out of the hunt.
Similarly, you cannot talk iron into doing what you want it to do. You must make happen what you will, but skillfully like a wild hunter who uses what it has learned to unapologetically complete its task in order to survive.
Here, the hunt is all. Here we are simple animals, relentless hunters. Here there is no delusion, no talking, no posturing, no negotiation – simply translation, reason, reminders and the truth.

-Rob Fusco

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9th May 2010


Anonymous asked: Hi – some real thought provoking and inspiring writing. Thanks!


Your feedback is deeply appreciated.

Here’s a question for you:

Are you just an observer?

If you are inspired, do something with your inspiration.  Use it as a weapon, use it as an engine, forge it into a sword and decapitate your fear, your doubt, your stillness.

Observe, but don’t be an just an observer. Go do something. Do anything.

HOWEVER, don’t try to control things too much – that will ruin the surprise.

I extend through my writing what I see, what I go through, what life puts me through, what I put myself through, what I put my people through, the things we learn as we go…the surprises.

Above all, no matter what we do and what we note as we go, we are going and doing and creating and destroying as we see fit, according to our own rules which at times hardly seem like rules at all.

(Rules are only rules when they’re obeyed)

We don’t just observe.  We do.  Sometimes well, sometimes not well, sometimes just awful, but we learn as we go.  We learn as we do.  This is the main idea.

Now YOU go do.



“Stop trying to control everything and just let go!”

9th May 2010


9th May 2010


Goddamned right.

9th May 2010


Anonymous asked: Who is a better lead singer? Sebastian Bach, David Lee Roth or Axel Rose?

Sebastian Bach, naturally.

9th May 2010


The beautiful joining of two line-items on my short list of favorite things:

Wolverine and ’90s heavy metal.

“I’ve got an appetite like a war, and I’m always hungry for more.”

8th May 2010


8th May 2010


“It’s tough, then it gets tougher, then you get tougher.”  – Audrey O Cooper

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