Hook Grip – Required Learning or Old School Hype?

Here at FuncThat.com we’ve assembled some of the greatest scientific minds in the world and done some serious number crunching to determine if the “hook grip” is a required part of your arsenal or just another piece of gym lore that won’t die.  Crossfit HQ recently posed the following question on their Facebook page:  “Hook Grip. Best thing ever? Or not as important as people say it is?”  After eight hours 60 comments/votes had been posted.  78% of the respondents agreed it was useful.  There was little difference between male and female athletes with 75% of women using the hook grip and 80% of men utilizing it.

Commenter Cole Gruber summarized the feeling of many with the following note:

Not necessary all the time, but as you fatigue and go heavy, you’d better be comfortable with it because it will help.

Cameron Brickman agreed writing:

Its one of those things that you hate at first but luv once you get used to it. I personally will not go any other way.

For those who are not supporters and those who mentioned the discomfort it causes, Amy Hudson provided the following insight:

Totally useful. Yeah, it sucked at first, but now I’m comfortable with it. Like others have said, if you want to get serious about lifting, get used to the hook grip.

Not sure if you’re doing the hook grip correctly?  There really isn’t much to it.  Use the 13 second video from Petranek Fitness as a guide:

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  1. Think of it like swinging a golf club. You don’t use the same grip as a baseball bat. Without it you’re going to have issues keeping the bar close or you’re not going as heavy as you probably can.

    1. Interesting, I hadn’t heard that hook grip will help you keep the bar closer to your body. Thanks Ben.

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