CrossFit Games 2010 – Video of Khalipa’s final brutal rep from WOD #1

The question: “You do a workout that only takes a few minutes?  How bad can that be?”

The answer: It can be really bad.

Check the video below for footage of Jason Khalipa’s final rep from the 2010 Crossfit Games first event.  Khalipa is a top competitor and won the 2008 CrossFit Games.  The barbell is 135 lbs.  That’s 90 lbs less than Khalipa’s max.  It’s a weight which under normal, non stressed circumstances Khalipa would throw around with ease.  At the point the video begins Khalipa is about to complete  a workout which was composed of 9 muscle ups then 9 squat snatches,  7 muscle ups then 7 squat snatches, and finally 5 muscle ups and 5 squat snatches.  Khalipa has only to lock out the bar overhead one time to complete the workout.  He has completed the rest of the workout in a little over three minutes.  Video below:

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