Review: Foam Roller for CrossFit

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Alright, so you’ve bought into this whole CrossFit mobility wod thing after reading our post on some basic/beginner vids from The next question is which foam roller is the best for a handsome CrossFitter such as yourself?  I’ve tried a few different ones and although I’m not nearly as handsome as you, for my money I’d go with the 18 inch “j/fit roller”.  It’s available on Amazon for around $25.  It’s much firmer than the junk ones you can find at Target or Walmart, but with enough give that it won’t leave your spine bruised.  Mine has stood up to the abuse unleashed by four children without a problem. (Turns out the kids often confuse it for a soccer ball/football/balance beam/sibling adjustment device).  Also, the 18 inch size is compact enough to fit easily in the closet.  Don’t believe this is the best foam roller for the CrossFit athlete?  Well then check these reviews which average four stars or higher. Trust me, this is the best $25 investment an athlete can make.

Amazon: j/fit 18″ High Density EVA Roller

And of course a shout out to Gateway CrossFit for the sweet pic for this article!

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