Mobility WOD: Where to start?

So everyone around you is talking about “mobility”.

And you say something intelligent like: “uh, what are you talking about? What’s mobility?”

Then they say “U r lame. Check“.

This is problematic in two ways:

1.  It reveals you only talk to people on twitter. You should get some friends in real life. (But if you’re only going to talk to people on twitter you might as well talk to me too and follow @FuncThat).

2.  When you get to you’ll discover hundreds of different mobility stretches, all guaranteed to make you feel and perform better.  Where do you begin?

The boy’s at 70’s big have come to your rescue.  They put together a quick list of the top eight mobility exercises to start with:

Hip Flexor
Hip External Rotators
More external hip rotators
Psoas and Scalene interaction
Stretching muscles around the scapula
More shoulder goodness
Soft Tissue of the Shoulder
A good review on all shoulder mobs to improve internal rotation

The vids tend to be under five mins and fans of the mobility wod claim wide ranging benefits from injury prevention, new PRs, and recovery from nagging injuries.  This leaves only one area uncovered: your addiction to twitter


You can see the full 70’s Big article at: 70’s Big – Mobility Basics

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