Performance Based Drinking: The best cocktails for CrossFitters

Disclaimer:  I’m no scientist but I think it’s probably safe to say drinking alcohol is probably going to be detrimental to your CrossFit performance.  But, assuming you’re going to imbibe, what are your best choices?  Gizmodo published a list of the Top 9 Healthiest Cocktails.  You can read the whole article on their site but I’ll hit a few of the highlights here:

  1. Vodka and Soda.  Ranked number one due to it’s extremely low calorie count.  Luckily they point out the dangers associated with this drink: “Namely, you might fall asleep while drinking it—because it’s so f***ing boring. This can lead to choking and death”.
  2. Manhattan.  Bam!  One of the favorite drinks at the FuncThat bar is good for you.  Among the ingredients are Angostura bitters which reportedly help soothe an upset stomach.  I think I just found my new recovery drink.
  3. Bloody Mary.  If you were determined enough you might be able to make a case that this classic is really good for you.  Tomatoes, horseradish, and celery are all involved in this breakfast of champions.  These veggies are reported to fight cancer, lower high blood pressure, protect against UTI’s and more.

I love being able to justify my vices.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe it’s five o’clock somewhere…

By Phil

Phil is the media wizard behind the brilliant FuncThat. He discovered CrossFit in 2009 and has been hooked ever since. He eagerly awaits the day CrossFit adds weight and age classes to the Games since he's confident he could dominate the 125 pound, 38 year old male division (as long as double unders aren't included). You can follow Phil and FuncThat on pretty much every social media platform ever. Here's a summarized list: Google+, Twitter, Facebook. If you're looking for help setting up your affiliate's site or need a hand with your social media you can contact Phil at

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