Split Snatch Vs. Squat Snatch

After the recent post on avoiding the power snatch in favor of the squat snatch, Chad Chisholm left a comment asking about the split snatch as an alternative to the squat snatch. I guessed it would be akin to the power snatch and thus not a good option. A quick check of the Pendlay Olympic Lifting Forum revealed otherwise.Per Glenn Pendlay:

If you [have] hopes of being a high level weightlifter, better to learn the squat style. If you are doing it for recreation or for general fitness or strength, the split is not such a bad thing.

Be smart though. The same rules still apply. In order to put up more weight you’ll need to get under the bar. As another commenter on the post, Nick Horton,  points out:

Depth is still depth. And more depth = more weight on the bar. And if you decide at some point to start squat snatching, you don’t want to have built a habit of not getting under the bar.

Horton also provided the following pics to illustrate his point:


The forum posting can be found on: Pendlay Forum>Olympic Lifting>Split Snatching

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