Zombies vs. CrossFit! The Top 7 Ways CrossFit Has Prepared You

It can’t be killed! The legendary zombie post is back and updated with a new tip!

With just a few days till Halloween, all signs seem to be pointing to an imminent zombie attack.  But don’t worry!  As a CrossFitter you’re way more likely to survive than the average treadmill walker! Listed below are the top six SEVEN ways CrossFit has prepared you for the zombie uprising:

7.  Looking to escape? Rope climb baby! Ever see zombies climb rope? Me either… (Steve Musolino Jr. via twitter @stefanomjr).

6.  Zombie Disposal! Once the undead have been re-killed you’ve got to do something with the bodies.  Finally, all of that virtual shoveling will pay off! (Ian Mehr via twitter @IanMehr).

5. According to Zombieland, Zombie rule #1 is cardio! No matter what your 400m sprint time, you can definitely outrun the zombie horde! (Jeff Frost – @Frosty996 and Jaimie B – @Supervixen13 via twitter ).

4. Get your double unders on to turn your rope into a high speed zombie slicing machine!

They said CrossFit wasn’t a cult!

3. Truth be told most of those zombies are just skin and bones so you should be able to scoop them up and wall ball their asses to bits!

2.  If worst comes to worst and the zombies get you and convert you to one of their own, I’m pretty sure brains are paleo…

1. Let’s be honest, you’re a crossfitter. The zombies will be fleeing from you. And if there’s any uncertainty in their shriveled brains, a glance at your socks will send them running…

Yo zombie! What's your Fran time?
Yo zombie! What’s your Fran time?


Get some! (zombies that is!)

The great sock pic is from Carrots ‘n’ Cake blog. You can get your own pair of zombie socks at SoxBox.


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