The CrossFit Murph FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the CrossFit workout Murph:

Q: Am I allowed to divide up the pull-ups, pushups, and squats or do I have to do them in order?
A: The original post on the website clearly says “partition as needed”. Although a handful of people may disagree, this has been broadly interpreted to mean you may divide the work into whatever rep scheme works for you, interspersing the pull-ups, pushups, and squats

Q: How often should this workout be performed?
A: One to two times per year is plenty. Many CrossFit gyms have a tradition of performing Murph on Memorial Day. Murph is a great test of your endurance and mental toughness, but consider it a benchmark of your fitness rather than a workout you would perform on a regular basis.

Q: What style of pull-ups can be used? Are chin-ups allowed?
A: Either/any method is accepted. Although the workout says “pull-ups”, in CrossFit Land kipping is allowed unless it is specifically excluded (e.g. “strict pull-ups”). Also, there usually is no distinction made between pull-ups and chin-ups. The standard is typically to go from a hanging position with the arms completely extended to the chin breaking the horizontal plane of the bar (check the masters standard for pull-ups from the 2011 CrossFit Games Event 6). Many people will change up their grip across sets as a way to try to give some muscle groups a bit of a rest.

Q: Are the push-ups done “hand release” style?
A: No. Standard push-ups are the norm. Chest to deck.

Q: How did Lt. Michael “Murph” Murphy perform the workout?
A: Unknown. Reviews of the CrossFit message boards and other sites has not provided a conclusive answer. If you have any information on this please email

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  1. Posted on I love that after picture! You cant get that muddy and not have fun.and Im alayws amazed that I can walk into the gym in the morning, tired, not in the mood to workout at all, see a wod on the board that I cant even do Rx, and still walk out afterward feeling 100% better and in a great mood. Maybe it’s the peeps at the gym, maybe it’s crossfit, maybe its both, but whatever it is, I hope it doesnt stop! I love you guys! (and no Im not drunk).

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