CrossFit Games Open Workout 13.3 Tips: The Greatest Hits

Our mantra of Smarter=Stronger will be a big separator on 13.3. Those who attack the workout with a game plan will fair far better than those who use the usual balls to the wall CrossFit strategy. As Kelly Starrett noted last year, this workout is all about:

“how much energy and efficiency you can carry in to the muscle up section.”

Because of the technical difficulty, every single muscle up becomes a massive differentiator in the rankings.

Additionally, the overall fatigue caused by this workout will limit most competitors to a single attempt. So make it count.

CrossFit Games 13 Muscle Up Tips and Strategy

The workout is as follows:

150 Wall balls

Men: 20 lbs to 10′ target
Women: 14 lbs to 9′ target

90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

Just The Tips


Note: Although, the number of muscle ups performed will separate the pack, the wall ball strategy is probably the most crucial. Last year many competitors went all out on the wall ball, stringing together 75+ unbroken. Unfortunately, this left them stumbling through the double unders, repeatedly missing and resetting. Additionally, their shoulders were completely exhausted by the time they reached the muscle-ups, leading to time-consuming and demoralizing missed reps.

1. Wear your oly lifting shoes. The benefit of wearing them on the wall ball will more than likely outweigh the cost of wearing them during the double unders (or even switching shoes prior to the double unders).
2. Efficient sets of 10-15 will work for most competitors. Regionals contenders, may consider starting with a set of 50, and then quickly dropping to much smaller sets to preserve the shoulders.
3. Do not drop the ball, when you need to rest. Instead, pin the ball against the wall with your chest and let your arms dangle.

Double Unders

As you transition from the wall ball to the double unders take a few bounding jumps to prep your legs  and to minimize the chance of an early miss.

Muscle Ups

Singles with a very short rest between them will likely win the day. Our gym record on 30 muscle ups for time was actually set doing all singles.

Good luck! And remember: Smarter=Stronger



Awesome muscle up pic from the “Strength From Struggle” tumblr.

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