Going Mental – Newsletter #3

1. Going mental Two weeks ago you’d probably never heard of Katrin Davisdottir. Now the latest CrossFit Games women’s champ is being interviewed on ESPN. She breaks down how she went from not qualifying last year to winning this year and the mental strategies she used. (Also interesting: her vote for the toughest games workout? Murph). Extra:… Continue reading Going Mental – Newsletter #3

Matt Chan Frame By Frame Snatch Sequence

Here’s a great photo sequence of Matt Chan (last year’s CrossFit Games 2nd place finisher) snatching 205lbs. Two things stood out to me in this sequence: Check out the hip extension in the 5th frame (counting left to right, top to bottom). His entire torso is extended, from feet to the top of his head.… Continue reading Matt Chan Frame By Frame Snatch Sequence